Sunday, 13 December 2009

About to set off

I'm all set to join Mei in Sydney in less than a week. All set, in the sense that it's going to happen. All set, in the sense I have a bag and a passport.


  1. Hey Chrissy and Mei I love your travel-blog style.. glad you found the Catlins a good place - that's where I live, but ooh I squirmed at what you thought of Invercargill. I tell people it's a great shopping town, which it is, but yes you are right it isn't glamorous - its standout aspect is the amazing standard of sports facilities (like eg the international velodrome) which fit in well with the student population at an excellent (free) Polytechnic.

    I hope it's OK if I post a link to your blog on Facebook - we have a group for the Catlins.

    Happy travelling

    CJ McKenzie (near Fortrose, NZ)

  2. No problem CJ, just picked up this message now! Sorry about Invercargill comment too, must have been a bad day!

  3. Hi CJ. This is Mei writing. I feel awful that we might have upset people living in Invercargill. To be honest, it never occurred to me that anyone other than our friends would read the blog and we were just trying to amuse them.
    I hope one day to get back to NZ and I'll give Invercargill a chance next time